First Time Homebuyer's Guide

A special program that combines Federal, State, City and Local funds, as well as Non-Profit funds, helps first time home-buyers get in with Absolutely NO MONEY DOWN.

Our current Real Estate market has been described as a Buyer's Wonderland! That's because you can buy a home with little or no money down and have payments that are about equal to what you'd pay in rent. How can you do this? Interest rates are at historically low levels, home prices are at fire sale costs, and sellers are quite often willing to help buyers pick up their homes by paying closing costs, helping with down-payments, sometimes even carrying back a loan.

Why waste money on rent, when you can A great way to get a fantastic deal on a home There are many programs run by cities, states, federal government and non-profit corporations to help first time buyers purchase a home with very low or even no down payment or closing costs.

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