Veterans Assisted Living Benefits

Additional income to pay for home care, assisted
living, or nursing care.

VA Aid and Attendance Program

Jake Birnberg The VA Aid and Attendance Program provides veterans with assisted living benefits. Veterans’ spouses and surviving spouses are also eligible for benefits. The objective of the program is to assist veterans and their families to be able to afford long term care that is needed. The benefit is not just for assisted living facilities but can be paid for in-home care or nursing homes as well. Veterans receive checks directly from the VA and get to decide where and how the money is spent.


In order to be eligible the veteran must have been in the service during an official period of declared war (with some exceptions) for a minimum of one day and to be enlisted for at least 90 days. Where the veteran served is not considered.


The table below illustrates what the maximum benefits available. The benefits are tax free and will not affect social security or other retirement benefits that the veteran has.



Annual Maximum Benefit

Veteran with spouse


Veteran with one dependent


Single Veteran


Surviving spouse of a veteran



Additional dependants will increase the benefit by $1,800 per year.


There is no maximum income in order to qualify because long term care expenses offset income that is coming in. Assets are considered but there is not a specified maximum asset level.


“I was really surprised when I learned of this benefit. It helped us move our mom into her preferred assisted living facility that was much closer to our home so we could visit more easily.”


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